5 of the Latest Trends In New Jersey Agriculture

NJ Landowner Blogs | 2024

    As a farmland owner in New Jersey, it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends in agriculture to ensure the success of your farm. Pinto Consulting brings the following to your attention. Here are a few key trends to be aware of:

1. Shift towards sustainable agriculture: Consumers are increasingly interested in
purchasing food that is grown in a sustainable manner, and many farmers in New Jersey are responding by adopting sustainable practices such as organic farming,
permaculture, and regenerative agriculture.

2. Growing demand for locally grown food: I’m sure you’ve heard of “eat local” or “buy
local”. Many consumers are interested in knowing where their food is grown and where
their proteins are raised and the ethical standards employed for the animals. There is a
growing demand for locally grown food, as consumers are looking for fresher, more
sustainable options and reducing their food miles. Many farmers in New Jersey are
taking advantage of this trend by offering direct-to-consumer sales through farmers
markets and community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs.

3. Increasing use of technology: Farmers in New Jersey are incorporating more
technology into their operations, including precision agriculture tools such as drones and GPS-guided equipment, to improve efficiency and productivity. There is also increased use of online ordering and subscriptions for CSA operations.

4. Focus on specialty crops: Some farmers in New Jersey are focusing on specialty
crops, such as herbs, berries, and vegetables, as a way to differentiate themselves in
the market and potentially command higher prices. Have you ever heard of Shag Bark
Hickory Syrup?

5. Diversification of farm income streams: Many farmers in New Jersey are seeking
ways to diversify their income streams, such as by offering agritourism experiences or
value-added products like jams and pickles. A NJ based co-packer, the Organic Food
Incubator can work with producers to develop their scheduled processes and obtain FDAcertification for farm grown products.


By staying up to date on these and other trends in agriculture, farmland owners in New Jersey can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive market. Pinto Consulting is a member of several agricultural groups and organizations and stays on top of trends in agriculture.

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