DR Horton Denied Builders Remedy Development in Springfield Township

NJ Landowner Blogs | 2024

Excited to share some big news from a recent court case! Pinto Consulting LLC prepared a planning analysis report with Greener by Design, LLC in an affordable house case. Burlington County Superior Court Assignment Judge Covert in the case of D.R. Horton Inc. vs. Township of Springfield, DENIED the Plaintiff’s builder remedy.

Springfield Township and Burlington County have made decades of investment in their agricultural land base. The proposal made by DR Horton, the country’s largest home builder, for dense multi-family housing development on a farm in the heart of Springfield’s agricultural region just does not make sense. We are so pleased the Courts and the Special Master appreciated the land use planning efforts made by the Township and Burlington County as well as the importance of New Jersey’s State Plan.

Leah Furey BruderAdam Zellner and I testified on behalf of Springfield Township on the planning efforts made to maintain the agricultural character of the Township and the agricultural needs to maintain a land base free of residential encroachment.

Read Judges Opinion

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